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Open Banking

Banks build and own their Mini-App stores, and therefore their digital ecosystem. Using Mini-Apps as building blocks, banks have more secured and fine-grained control of openness to complement their API banking strategy. External business partners can develop their own Mini-Apps to be published to the stores, leveraging banks' technology facilities while reaching to customers. Banks attracts more business partners by using standard technology instead of proprietary ones to lower their onboarding barrier.

ReThink digital transformation

  • Dominating Internet giant players
    Digitally transforming financial institutions
  • Solidify a “platform” business model: with Mini-App mechanism, Internet giants organize participant groups surrounding their platform: consumers, business orgs, content suppliers, tech component providers. And “uberize” them
    Banks, insurance firms, stock brokerages are inherently “platform business”. It is time to re-think how to build a digital technology platform that connects customers, content partners, product partners, technology suppliers and even regulators
  • Establish a super rich eco-system: Internet giants attract huge amount of partners to onboard their platform to contribute Mini-App contents, freely
    Open Banking aims to achieve the same but with difficult challenges and limited success. Financial firms need online partners. It is time to re-think how to onboard them, digitally
  • Achieve extremely high agility: digital scenarios and their corresponding application contents in Mini-App forms are published in extremely high frequency by huge amount of onboarding members. Grayscale release is norm.
    Financial firms by nature provide timely info to customers in response to social/economic/world events as well as acting timely to compliance requirements. It is time to re-think how Internet platforms, facing no less content censorship requirements but still being more agile
  • Scale to the millions architecturally: Internet giants easily accumulate Mini-App contents in the millions in just a few years, encompassing digital scenarios from financial services, e-commerce, health care, entertainment to municipal services.
    Apps of financial firms typically adopt tightly-coupled architecture without being able to support concurrent content development and publishing. IT is always a bottleneck while business units queue up. It is time to re-think what is a right tech architecture
  • Leverage partners: Internet giants do not limit their enterprise border. They leverage millions of partners to provide contents, technologies and channels to serve their users, via Mini-Apps
    Financial firms need various partners. Resource exchange with 3rd parties have long been basic practices. It is time to re-think how to create the leverage online

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